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Name: artec_dongle_ii_fpga
Created: Nov 4, 2008
Updated: Mar 5, 2012
SVN Updated: Mar 5, 2012

Other project properties

Category: Prototype board
Language: Other
Development status: Stable
Additional info:
WishBone Compliant: No
License: LGPL

Planned Features

- Flash regions Memory read, Firmware hub read, (IO read and write)
- PSRAM regions Memory read and write, Firmware hub read, (IO read and write)
- Flash regions read
- PSRAM regions read
- 8 bit ROM
- read (with standard CS, OE, WE, DATA, ADDR interface on the 32 extension pins)
- Post code trace
- Boot trace (list all memory cycles possible at least on LPC)
- Simple Logic Analyzer with 32 pins and 32 pin GPIO python module support
- VHDL Firmware update trough USB data cable

IMAGE: Dongle_II_board_small.JPG

FILE: Dongle_II_board_small.JPG
DESCRIPTION: board image


- code transfer from Dongle I
- PSRAM support added to memory interface and USB interface (4MB write time is 4 sec under Linux read is 10 sec)
- New jumper block with LED indicators
- dongle.py updated for initial features
- dev_present signal switching from PC by default is low (has strong pull down 330 ohm for backward compatibility)
- removed the need for reset after programming to free memory bus lock (lock is now controlled by the dongle.py software)
- Added UART 16550 support over LPC with selectable base addresses
- Write multi-clock domain scalable memory bus arbiter (firmware)
- SPI boot support (firmware)
- 8 bit parallel ROM support code (firmware)
- write GPIO support (firmware) and supporting Python module (software)
- boot trace feature (save all accessed addresses and data and send to PC) (firmware)
- write new update.py to work trough FTDI D2xx bit bang feature (software)
- write 16 bit to 8 bit FIFO bridge to further speed up USB transfer on PSRAM regions (firmware)
- try to rewrite Uspp read() in linux implementation to support more than word read at a time from OS (software)
- write EPROM support code (firmware)
- write software jumper support with settings stored/restored from EPROM (firmware)
- write or port Analyzer code (firmware)


Project to create generic emulator/debugger/analyzer with
on-the-fly reprogrammable firmware on Artec Dongle II board (containing Altera Cyclone III, Flash 16MB, PSRAM 16MB (UltraCap for image retention), FTDI usb, 32 GPIO pins, 4 segment LED, 8 green LEDs, 1 green/red LED, 8 pins for LPC/SPI bus, 6 pin extension header, EPROM 1024 bytes).