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Name: kiss-board
Created: May 28, 2006
Updated: Dec 20, 2009
SVN Updated: Mar 10, 2009

Other project properties

Category: Prototype board
Language: Verilog
Development status: Stable
Additional info: Design done , FPGA proven , Specification done
WishBone Compliant: Yes


           [Keep It Simple,Stupid] Board.
    The board was evaluated like [or1k/orp project].
    BOARD consists of two pieces. One is FPGA board. Another is MOTHER board. 
    The device on the FPGA board is ANY(xilinx or altera ...).
    Only connected specification of the board is important.

Board snapshots

    MOTHER board

    FPGA board


    • It's planning(more cheap!)
    • It's finished(commit code,RTL8019AS Evaluation is done)
    • It's finished(commit code,checkout-test is done)
    • It's finished(commit code,checkout-test is done)


    • Program Outline
                  - Draw1Test:Normal render(Read,Write)
        - Draw2Test:RGB565->YUV,Y:modulation,YUV->RGB565(Read,Calculation,Write)
        - EraseTest:Clear VRAM(Write)
    • Sytem Condition
                  - Case 1:CPU=25MHz,WB=25MHz,EXT_MEM=50MHz
        - Case 2:CPU=30MHz,WB=30MHz,EXT_MEM=50MHz
        - Case 3:CPU=25MHz,WB=25MHz,EXT_MEM=60MHz
    • OR1200 Condition
                  - Case A:IC=no-used,DC=no-used
        - Case B:IC=4KByte ,DC=no-used
        - Case C:IC=no-used,DC=4KByte
        - Case D:IC=4KByte ,DC=4KByte
    • MISC condition
                  - VramRenderRoutine on EXT_FLASH[.text section](include Cache)
        - InterruptsHandler on QMEM[.icm section]
        - ImageDataSize(40x50pixel) is 4000byte(include Cache)
        - The byte_order of QMEM is enable.
    • phots
        VIEW:ALL( zoom )

        VIEW:Connector( zoom )

        VIEW:Draw1Test( zoom )

        VIEW:Draw2Test( zoom )

    • Results
        VIEW:Draw1Test( zoom )

        VIEW:Draw2Test( zoom )

        VIEW:Erase( zoom )


           - Reduce cost
      - This is Expensive or Cheap?
      - How to do?(thinking)
    - The examination point is put out. 
      - How is the Debug-Interface-pin?
    - This WEB page is maintained
      - Add Board electrical information
      - Add Teaching material information


    • PCB Architecture
        How to name the board (pdf-file)
        Connectors (pdf-file)
        The circuit of Mother Board as reference (pdf-file)
        The circuit of FPGA Board as reference (pdf-file)
    • SOC Architecture
        System block (pdf-file)
        System hierarchy (pdf-file)
        OR1200 block (pdf-file) >>> Please refer the OpenRisc 1000 project

    • Functions
        function hierarchy (pdf-file)

    • Sections
               Section  Usage
            .reset   InstractionCode at Start 
            .vectors InstractionCode at Exception
            .text    InstractionCode(normal)
            .icm     InstractionCode(early)
            .data    DataCode(initialization)
            .bss     DataCode(no-initialization)
            .extdata ExtendDataCode(initialization)
            .extbss  ExtendDataCode(no-initialization)
            .stack   StackArea
    • Memory
               Device         Address    Usage
            InternalSRAM0  0x00000000 Exception
            InternalSRAM1  0x01000000 NotImpliment  
            ExternalSDRAM0 0x02000000 ---
            ExternalSDRAM1 0x03000000 VRAM
            ExternalFlash  0x04000000 BIOS
    • Interrupts
               Core      Location             Exception Interface
            TickTimer OpenRisc1000(OR1200) 0x500     Internal
            UART16550 SOC-Peripheral       0x800     MemoryMapIO
            WB_DMA    SOC-Peripheral       0x800     MemoryMapIO


    • You can get the hardware-manual.I did upload it here .

    More information
    • If you have a question,you can contact us,please refer to following web-page. Tessera WebSite(Japanese) Tessera WebSite(English)


    CrossCompiler Environment
    • Source binutils-2.16.1.tar.gz
               >wget ftp.gnu.org/gnu/binutils/binutils-2.16.1.tar.gz
            >gzip -dc binutils-2.16.1.tar.gz | tar xvf -
    • Patch to binutils-2.16.1
               >wget www.opencores.org/cvsget.cgi/or1k/binutils/binutils-2.16.1/binutils-2.16.1-unified.diff.bz2?do_download=now
            >bzip2 -d binutils-2.16.1-unified.diff.bz2
            >cd binutils-2.16.1
            >patch -p1 cd ..
    • Build CrossCompiler
               >mkdir binutils_build
            >cd binutils_build
            >../binutils-2.16.1/configure --target=or32-uclinux --prefix=/opt1/or32-uclinux
            >make all                                                             
            >make install
            >cd ..
    Generated boot-image Environment
    • bmp2c(SmallProgram)
               Description:Convert bmp-file to c-file.
            InputFile  :BMP(only24bitBGR,RGB888)
            OutputFile :C(RGB565)
            WorkingDir :./kiss-board/kiss-board_soc/sw/bmp2c
              >cd ./kiss-board/kiss-board_soc/sw/bmp2c
    • utils(SmallProgram)
               Description:Convert boot-rom,etc
            WorkingDir :./kiss-board/kiss-board_soc/sw/utils
              >cd ./kiss-board/kiss-board_soc/sw/utils
    • boot_uart
               Description:Example1 to compile,execute object from uart
            WorkingDir :./kiss-board/kiss-board_soc/sw/boot_uart
              >cd ./kiss-board/kiss-board_soc/sw/utils
    • boot_flash
               Description:Example2 to compile,boot from rom
            WorkingDir :./kiss-board/kiss-board_soc/sw/boot_flash
              >cd ./kiss-board/kiss-board_soc/sw/boot_flash
    Simulation Environment
    • pan
               Description:VerilogPLI($pan=>like a popen())
            WorkingDir :./kiss-board/kiss-board_soc/sim/c/pan
              >cd ./kiss-board/kiss-board_soc/sim/c/pan
    • hex2ver
            WorkingDir :./kiss-board/kiss-board_soc/sim/c/pan
              >cd ./kiss-board/kiss-board_soc/sim/c/convert_hex2ver
              >make -f Makefile.cygwin.modeltech
              >make -f Makefile.linux.modeltech
              >make -f Makefile.linux.ncverilog
    • ram
               Description:GTK application,VRAMScreen
            WorkingDir :>./kiss-board/kiss-board_soc/sim/c/ram
              >cd ./kiss-board/kiss-board_soc/sim/c/ram