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Name: 395_vgs
Created: Sep 11, 2005
Updated: Dec 20, 2009
SVN Updated: Mar 10, 2009

Other project properties

Category: Other
Development status: Beta
Additional info: FPGA proven
WishBone Compliant: No


CVS is currently out of date, update when I get the time (as well as things such as schematics)
Custom built and designed video game system. Also includes hardware interface C routines and code for StarCell XF-1 (the 'release' game). All designs are open source and specification are free to be modified by the community. Specifications are currently for an early 16 bit system.


- Graphics accelerator (XESS XSA-50 Spartan II based development board)
- 320x240 resolution at 64 colors, plus 64 possible intensity field colors
- 8 MB graphics RAM (approximately 7.5 MB available for user data)
- Accelerated background and sprite drawing with transparency
- VGA video generation and output (single and double buffered operation)
- Dual PIC18 Microcontrollers (Main and Sound Processors)
- 2 x 18F4520 at 50 Mhz (25 MIPS total)
- 32 KB program memory, 32 KB PCM wavetable memory
- Capable of tracking over 128 sprites
- Other Hardware
- Software controlled MP3 player (to be removed)
- PIC16F628 (serializes controller I/O)
- ICSP for PIC microcontrollers


Here is a movie of the Impulse running StarCell XF-1
The hardware unit:
Some screenshots: