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Name: turbocodes
Created: Feb 16, 2005
Updated: Nov 19, 2014
SVN Updated: Jul 17, 2012

Other project properties

Category: ECC core
Language: VHDL
Development status: Beta
Additional info:
WishBone Compliant: No
License: LGPL


This project features a double binary, DVB-RCS turbo decoder using the SOVA algorithm.
Two models are included:
- a MyHDL model, along with a complete testbench,
- a synthesizable VHDL model.


Double binary, DVB-RCS code
Soft Output Viterbi Algorithm
MyHDL cycle/bit accurate model and testbench
Synthesizable VHDL model


Release 0.3:
- Synthesizable VHDL model
- Fixed ponderation filtering
Release 0.2:
- DVB-RCS interleaver
- DVB-RCS puncturing (decoder only)
- Controllable SNR for the noiser
Release 0.1: MyHDL model posted
- Simulation system consists of a random data pattern generator, turbo coder, transmission channel (gaussian noiser with controlable standard deviation), turbo decoder and Bit Error Rate monitors
- Turbo decoder generic parameters are: number of iterations, number of bits for the coding of the systematic and redundant data in the decoder, number of bits for the coding of the extrinsic information, first and second trellis' length, number of bits for the coding of the accumulated distances, length of the interleaver matrix side
- No puncturing
- No coder/decoder synchronization
- No wishbone I/F
- No in-operation BER monitoring
- Simple line-write/column-read interleaver
- Basic documentation (block diagrams)


Decoder input signal width: 4 bits
Extrinsic information signal width: 5 bits
First trellis' length: 24
Second trellis' length: 12
Accumulated distances signal width: 9 bits
Interleaver frame size: 64 bit couples
Signal-to-noise ratio: 5.1 dB
Code rate: 1 / 2
Bit Error Rate:
0.0368951613 @ iteration 0 (no decoding)
0.0027355688 @ iteration 1
0.0001380629 @ iteration 2
0.0000722789 @ iteration 3
0.0000255319 @ iteration 4
0.0000212947 @ iteration 5