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Name: mac_layer_switch
Created: Mar 9, 2014
Updated: May 25, 2014
SVN Updated: Jun 19, 2014

Other project properties

Category: Communication controller
Language: Verilog
Development status: Mature
Additional info:
WishBone Compliant: No
License: LGPL


Ethernet MAC Layer Switch.
The switch receive 100 MB/s data rate from 6
channels and direct each frame received to its destination port.
The switch is designed with :
1. Simultaneously Read / Write frames memory - to improve latency
2. Digital serialize / De - Serialize and digital routing core
The Simulation include testbench of 6 Network Adapters (NIC Hosts)
transmitting 100 MB/s data to the switch.
NiC hosts are teken from the eth ip core projects as benchmarks( may be modified).