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Name: raytrac
Created: Jan 7, 2011
Updated: Jul 25, 2011
SVN Updated: Oct 27, 2012

Other project properties

Category: Arithmetic core
Language: VHDL
Development status: Mature
Additional info:
WishBone Compliant: No
License: LGPL


Ray Tracing : A rendering technique that challenges anyone who is interested in Computer Science, Computer Graphics and Digital Systems in General.
The Main Goal of this project is to create an engine to Render 3D models. This engine is made over HW/SW. What Im planning to do is to make a RTL generic enough to plug it along with a processor, by means of a bus or any connector the developer wishes.
So the RTL's published on this page will describe the HW part of the engine. I don't know, YET, if I'm allowed to upload SW source code. If I am, for sure I will, but if not a proper project page will be set on the next days. I will publish, as mentioned, the soruce code for a NIOS II processor, and that will be the Rendering Engine SW portion.
So, what I expect is to achieve a simple HW portion of the Rendering Engine, that serves on its original purpose -a Ray Tracing Rendering Engine- but in the near future, I would hope to see the engine to be used for General Purposes.
Anyway It will be my mayor achievment if some day these RTL's are taken as examples in order to learn VHDL and Hardware description and Hardware Design.