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Name: ac97
Created: Sep 25, 2001
Updated: Jul 11, 2011
SVN Updated: Jul 12, 2011

Other project properties

Category: System controller
Language: Verilog
Development status: Stable
Additional info:
WishBone Compliant: Yes


This is a AC 97 Controller Core. It provides a an interface to an external AC 97 Audio Codec. This allows the implementation of CD quality Audio Input/Output.


- AC97 Revision 2.2 Compliant
- Variable and Fixed Sample Rate Support, up 48 kHz
- 16, 18 and 20 bit Sample Size Support
- 6 Channel Surround Sound Support
- Stereo Input channel Support
- Mono Microphone Channel Support
- External DMA Engine Support
- WISHBONE SoC host Interface


- 8/2/2001 New Directory Structure ! We have agreed on a common directory structure at OpenCores.
- The AC97 Core is Done !
- I will post a message to cores@opencores.org each time I have an update

Change log

- 8/2/2001 RU New Directory Structure Update
- 19/5/2001 RU First Release
- 11/5/2001 RU Added link to the spec.
- 3/5/2001 RU Initial web page

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