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Name: cf_ssp
Created: Apr 15, 2003
Updated: Dec 20, 2009
SVN Updated: Mar 10, 2009

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Category: Processor
Development status: Stable
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WishBone Compliant: No


Cores are generated from Confluence ; a modern logic design language. Confluence is a simple, yet highly expressive language that compiles into Verilog, VHDL, and C. See Confluent.org for more info. Several cores are provided in Verilog, Vhdl, and C. If you don't see the configuration you need, chances are we can easily generate it for you. The State Space Processor is used for implementing discrete linear systems, such as finite and infinite impulse response filters, multiple input and output systems, and general state space equations common in control and DSP applications. Its simple instruction set and efficient architecture has a very low logic footprint.


The processor requires two external memories: one for program instructions and the other for constants (coefficients) used in calculation. The processor maintains a register file of 16 N-bit registers used to retain state information and for processing intermediate results. The register file is also used for handling input and output; registers can be written from an external source and all registers are available as outputs. For convenience, register 0 is wired to ground and instructions updating r0 have no effect on the register file.
The processor runs calculations on a cycle basis:
1. The external environment writes inputs into the register file.
2. The external environment signals a "Cycle" to run the program and calculate a cycle.
3. The external environment waits for "Done", then reads output from the register file.
Instruction Set:
There are 4 instruction types and a total of 8 instructions. Each instruction is 16-bits. The types include:
- Unary Operation
- OpCode [15:12], Operand A Reg [11:8], Not Used [7:4], Result Reg [3:0]
- Binary Operation
- OpCode [15:12], Operand A Reg [11:8], Operand B Reg [7:4], Result Reg [3:0]
- Constant Load
- OpCode [15:12], Constant Memory Address [11:4], Result Reg [3:0]
- Halt
- OpCode [15:12], Not Used [11:0]
Unary Operations (OpCode):
- ShiftLeft (0000)
- RegX - Flag - ShiftRight (0001)
- RegX - Flag - ShiftClip (0010)
- RegX - RegX - RegX - Flag - Performs a limited/clipped multiplication by 2.
Binary Operations (OpCode):
- Add (0011)
- RegX - Flag - AddCond (0100)
- RegX - Flag - Sub (0101)
- RegX - Flag - Switch (0110)
- RegX - Flag
Constant Load Instruction (OpCode):
- Constant (0111)
- RegX - Flag
Halt Instruction (OpCode):
- Halt (1---)
- Halts processor (prevents further register updates).
Booth multiplication can be performed using ShiftRight and AddCond with an accumulation register.
Each file is stand-alone and represents a specific configuration.
The 2 parameters are:
- Data Width
- Instruction Memory Address Width
The configuration parameters are coded in the file names: cf_ssp_32_5.v
- 32 : Data Width
- 5 : Instruction Memory Address Width
Current configurations:
- cf_ssp_8_6
- cf_ssp_16_6
- cf_ssp_32_6
- cf_ssp_64_6
- cf_ssp_8_7
- cf_ssp_16_7
- cf_ssp_32_7
- cf_ssp_64_7
- cf_ssp_8_8
- cf_ssp_16_8
- cf_ssp_32_8
- cf_ssp_64_8
- cf_ssp_8_9
- cf_ssp_16_9
- cf_ssp_32_9
- cf_ssp_64_9
- cf_ssp_8_10
- cf_ssp_16_10
- cf_ssp_32_10
- cf_ssp_64_10